We can’t experience nature in lockdown – but a new breed of field recorders have captured the sounds of the great outdoors in all their crashing, squawking glory

Last December, Lucrecia Dalt travelled to a rainforest in Colombia that is part of the Chocó, a biodiversity hotspot stretching all the way from Costa Rica to Ecuador. She was seeking that rare thing: time to do nothing but just be. However, the last thing she wanted was peace and quiet.

The organisation Más Arte Más Acción had invited the Colombian-German producer to participate in a residency called Espacio para Pensar (“space to reflect”) and Dalt took US noise musician Aaron Dilloway along. The pair swiftly immersed themselves in the jungle’s rich, complex soundscape, recording parrots, frogs, insects, crashing surf, squelching mud, and even the transition from night to day.

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