I note that Dr Matheson, having difficulty volunteering to rejoin the NHS, writes from Dumfries (Letters, 10 April). The organisation in which I work, NHS Education for Scotland (NES), has responsibility for coordinating the recruitment of health professionals in Scotland. The homepage of the NES website has a link called Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recruitment. I hope this is of help to you, Dr Matheson, and, of course, many thanks for volunteering.
Sarah Graham
Largs, North Ayrshire

o Re Sue Smith’s letter (9 April) on funny Guardian women, yes please, more of Nancy Banks-Smith, Lucy Mangan and Grace Dent. But don’t let’s forget Michele Hanson, whose column was brilliant every time. Do reprint them, but how about a Bedside Guardian of their columns to cheer us in the future too?
Judith Milnes
Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

o Ten days ago my dear friend Andy asked me why every other country with the virus seems to send machines or manpower on to the streets to spray them with disinfectant, and why this country hasn’t. Less than a week later he died.
Paul Delaney

o “I can’t thank them enough, I owe them my life,” said Boris Johnson. Yes you can, prime minister. Pay NHS staff the salary they deserve. Simple.
Elspeth Finlay
(Recently retired director of nursing), Dublin, Ireland

o There is one group that has not yet had its crucial role in the pandemic recognised – single-use plastics.
David McHugh
Southport, Merseyside


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